Latest Hysterectomy Statistics in UK for the year 2011 to 2012

The total number of hysterectomies performed in UK NHS hospitals in 2011/2012 is 56,976. Of this, at least 35,396 are abdominal hysterectomies and at least 18,154 are vaginal hysterectomies. The reason for the possible disparity is that it isn’t possible to break down the overall figure for Scotland, which accounts for 3,426 hysterectomies.

These statistics for abdominal and vaginal hysterectomy operations in England include private patients treated in NHS hospitals, patients who were resident outside of England and care delivered by treatment centres (including those in the independent sector) funded by the NHS.

England – Abdominal Excision (removal) of Uterus

  • Total Number of Operations: 32,436
  • Average age: 52
  • Age 0-14: 3
  • Age 15-59: 24,249
  • Age 60-70: 2,169
  • Age 75+: 1,855
  • Day Case: 81
  • Males who had an abdominal hysterectomy: 18

England – Vaginal Excision (removal) of uterus

  • Total Number of Operations: 16,908
  • Average age: 58
  • Age 0-14: 0
  • Age 15-59: 8,650
  • Age 60-70: 6,389
  • Age 75+: 1,855
  • Day Case: 45
  • Males who had a vaginal hysterectomy: 7


There were 3,426 hysterectomies performed in Scotland in the year to September 2012


Wales – Abdominal Excision (removal) of Uterus

  • Total Number of Operations: 2,060
  • Average age: 52
  • Age 15-59: 1,495
  • Age 60-70: 422
  • Age 75+: 143
  • Day Case: 5

Wales – Vaginal Excision (removal) of uterus

  • Total Number of Operations: 347
  • Average age: 51
  • Age 15-59: 271
  • Age 60-70: 56
  • Age 75+: 20
  • Day Case: 2


Northern Ireland Abdominal Excision (removal) of Uterus

  • Total Number of Operations: 900

Northern Ireland Vaginal Excision (removal) of uterus

  • Total Number of Operations: 899



  1. Of course you can be considered for a hysterectomy and it might be worth talking to a different GP in the practice instead.

  2. I have suffered extreme heavy periods, so much so I become enemic every month after bleeding for 9-10 days every 20days. Also the immense pain lasts throughout 6-7 days so much so I cant leave the house during this time. I have a history of cancer of the womb in my family and as I have been sterilized for 17yrs I would now just like this to end asap. My doctor won’t even consider a hystorectomy, I am 42 and just want the pain and heavy bleeding to stop, can I be considered for nhs treatment?

  3. Please could you kindly tell me where these statistics are from? Manyt thanks

  4. This procedure is done on the NHS but not routinely – you have to seek it out. I was due for a ‘normal’ hysterectomy in Coventry May 2011 due to an enormous fibroid (30 week pregnancy size) but heard from a colleague about the possibility of a laparoscopic hysterectomy and contacted the surgeon she knew of – Mr Padwardan in Woolwich. He said if I could get my GP to refer me, he would assess me. I had no problem doing this (my colleague found her GP not so flexible) and after assessment (I travelled to London), I was put on his waiting list for surgery (it took 6 months for a date to come through). Meanwhile I was put on a course of injections to shrink the fibroid which worked well – it was 20 week pregnancy size at the time of surgery. I had the operation in October 2011 and was back at work in 5 weeks although fine in myself and driving within 3. My surgeon was hugely skilled and experienced (it was a 4 hour operation) and I benefited greatly at no financial cost – the NHS at its best!!

  5. Hi
    I am living in Dubai at present and I had a Laparoscopic total hysterectomy on 16th November 2012. I saw the doctor after one week, had 4 tiny sutures removed and was fit to go back to work in 2 weeks. I was driving after 4 days and felt absolutely brilliant post op, although I did get tired quickly during the first week. I was only in hospital overnight. Total cost of the surgery – around 24000 dirhams (about 4000 uk pounds).
    I just wondered, why is this procedure not commonly done in the UK?
    It cuts down on time spent in hospital, and the recovery time is very short, meaning less time lost at work.
    I looked for places in the UK, but could not find anywhere that did it…..

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