Researchers in Washington recently completed work on considering the complications associated with leaving the cervix in place following hysterectomy and total hysterectomy which removes the cervix as routine.

The researchers found no statistically significant differences between removing or leaving the cervix intact during a two year follow up period of the 68 patients involved in the trial. However, there was a slight increase in the number of women re-admitted who had had their cervix retained, although this was not found to be statistically significant.

(Obstet Gynecol. 2003 Sept; 102 (3) pp 453-62)


  1. I’m 26 y/o. I’m irregular menstruation. I’m now 5months delay, my normal delay of menstruation is 3 months. l used pregnancy test. The result is positive but my trans-vaginal ultrasound is negative, I’m not pregnant. The finding is the uterus is introverted and the endometrium is thickened. What’s the meaning of that? Please help.

  2. The decision is on my shoulders at 62 is what do I do , after a fibroid 10×11 cm discovered after severe pain. Surgery in early December . Do I leave the cervix in and keep the ovaries if healthy . What are the benefits & the disadvantages at my age. My specialist has fallen short of giving me all the information that I require to make a sensible decision for healing long into my life.

  3. It can be very unnerving as you have discovered Jeanette, not to receive adequate information in the first place. Unfortunately it’s all too common.

  4. I had what I believed to be a total hysterectomy 25 years ago, I was not given much information about it at the time, and thought that my cervix had also been removed.
    About a month ago, I started bleeding quite heavily, I went straight to see my GP, and was given a swab test, the results all came back clear, but the bleeding persisted, in fact began to get worse, so I decided to go private to see a consulant gyneacologist.
    After doing tests, they have told me the bleeding is coming from my cervix.I was shocked as I thought I no longer had one , and have not had a smear test because of this for all these years. I am waiting now for test results of cervical tissue, and praying that its not cancer. But I have been told that whatever the outcome, I will have to have my cervix removed now to stop the bleed. They did not explain to me where exactly the blood is coming from.I really dont understand . I wish I had been given more information at the time of my hysterectomy.

  5. I had a subtotal hysterectomy in June 2010, I have had a discharge ever since. I was not given full information about leaving the cervix in place. I feel women should be made more aware of the chances of discharge after hysterectomy if the cervix is left. I have since had further surgery and wish I had the cervix removed during the hysterectomy.

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