Low libido and problems sleeping

Women whose sexual desire reduces during menopause are more likely to report disturbed sleep, symptoms of depression and night sweats, according to researchers at Group Health.

As far as we know this is the first time that disturbed sleep has been independently linked to a diminished sexual desire during (or after) menopause. The results of the research are based on the data from the ‘Herbal Alternatives for Treatment of Menopause Symptoms’ (HALT) study.

The study also showed that the Black Cohosh didn’t actually relieve or reduce menopausal flushes and night sweats.   However, it is important to remember that the study only had 341 women taking part, aged between 45-55 and who suffered from hot flush and/or night sweats.  Apparently 64% reported a lowered sexual response, 43% experienced poor sleep and 18% suffered from a major depression.

You can read more about this at: http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2007-06/ghcc-lli053107.php


  1. I had a vaginal hystrectomy in 2006 I am not on any medication. Every time I bend to pick something from the floor I have a twisting cramp in my stomach. Is this normal.

  2. Hi Linda,
    Had my full Hysterectomy 5 weeks ago, due to a large fibriod, thankyou for your support in the first 2 weeks, now having really bad menopause symptons, been reading about Natural Progesterone Cream, called Wellsprings Serenity,
    Cant take HRT because have a benign tumour in my breast and cysts, do you know anything about these creans,
    and would it ok for me to use? x x x

  3. The more fun part is yet to come Leeann but you do need to recover first. Your body has been traumatised by the surgery and will give you all sorts of problems temporarily. It will (and does) get better and sex shouldn’t be a problem either 🙂

  4. can anyone help. i had a vaginal hysterectomy done 6 weeks ago ovaries left. the pain in my ovarie area is unreal still on pain killers.boobs are painfull 24 7 and before i had op i had a very high sex drive now im not sure i ever want it again . i cant sleep at night i cry all the time and every joint n my body hurts. this feels like hell im only 38 and feel like my life is not how i was told it was going to be after op. am i going mad. im going for blood tests tomorrow as they think might be going in to pre menopause . will i feel like i did pre op again or is that fun part of my life over 🙁 xx

  5. Hi Sue. Did you confirm this with the GP too? Whilst there are issues with any sort of medication (presecribed, over the counter and complimentary) which you need to be aware of, if you were recommended to use this combination by the GP it makes sense to check the GP agreed with the nurses statement. I’d really appreciate being kept up to date 🙂

  6. i started to have menopause symptoms in about January this year and went to the doctors and she advised me to start black cohosh and evening primrose. I did this thinking it would be no help at all but it relieved my symptoms completely. When i went for my pre op assessment for my hysterectomy in June i was advised by the nurse to stop taking them immediatly as they dont really know what the effects can be regarding thinning the blood? I have done this and i am now 2 weeks post op ( I had my womb removed vaginally… not much info on this site for this i might add… )
    I still have my ovaries but i am suffering some night sweats and a bit of depression but other than that feel like normal. I am thinking of re starting te black cohosh tomorrow to see if it still works for me post op.
    Will keep you posted if you would like ?

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