May is Hysterectomy Awareness Month

Wow, I can’t believe it’s come around so quickly. It doesn’t feel like 5 months since I was discussing the idea of an international awareness day with Kathy Kelley over at HysterSisters. May, as you’ve gathered from the title above is Hysterectomy Awareness Month and that day became a month, there’s lots of going on.

smart women get all the hysterectomy factsThe aim of the month is to give women the knowledge and confidence to seek information and advice about any women’s health issues they are experiencing.

It’s also about getting the message across that it’s NOT ok to suffer, that heavy bleeding, pain or swelling are not a normal experience and should be investigated. Too many women still think that it’s normal or that nothing can be done to help; there are loads of options available from different conventional treatments to lifestyle changes that can all help. But, if someone doesn’t know what’s possible, how can they ask the right questions?

So, we’d like your help to reach as many women as possible this May.

If you’re on a social network like Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest or LinkedIn, share our updates and follow the hashtag #HysterectomySmart to join in the conversation on Twitter.

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You can find loads of resources to share on the brand new Hysterectomy.Org website we set up to celebrate this month with HysterSisters. We’ll be sharing from the accounts above so you can just follow those and share from there too.



  1. Hi – hang on to your ovaries unless at risk ! I had to lose mine because of large ovarian cyst a year ago – I was almost 60 then and 5 years post menopause. The doctors assured me when I asked that I would notice no difference when losing my ovaries at this stage of life………. Within two weeks I returned to hourly hot flushes and all the other annoying stuff including loss of libido and dryness. I was told by my Gp I was too old for HRT at 60. To fob me off further they gave me antodepressants !!!!!! Almost a year later I have finally got my GP to agree to low dose oestrogen patches and I cut them in half – so I only get a tiny amount. This has completely fixed all my problems and I feel better after only three weeks! I wish you all the best !!
    Angie x

  2. Yes, your ovaries continue to play a vital role in producing the three main sex hormones post menopause – the amount may change but they don’t stop completely and in fact production of testosterone remains roughly the same for about 20 years. If you have had a close female relative such as your mother with an oestrogen based cancer, such as breast cancer or ovarian cancer then you might want to consider having them removed, but other than that you run the same risk everyone else does who hasn’t had a hysterectomy!

  3. I was so pleased to find this site. Have cystocele and rectocele.Told that a hysterectomy,rectoplexy (with mesh) and front wall repair was required. Mesh fastened to cervix which would be left. Then casually told as I walked out after the consultation that I “might want to have my ovaries out too” to stop any risk of ovarian cancer…….? ! I made another appointment to ask about pros and cons and was told it was up to me! No help in how to decide. I realise it is my decision but have no information to help me. Plenty out there if in my 40’s . However I am just 59 and had last period about 4years ago. Some sites say take away if 59 others say leave until 65 at least.any up to date info available? Do ovaries continue to send hormones to where they are needed even after hysterectomy and f tubes removed?
    Thank you for any help.

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