According to researchers who studied the effects of HRT on 5,692 women, HRT really is as bad as the most recent research has been suggesting – but it seems that it is worse for older women.

They found that women over the age of 62 when they start HRT are 22 times more likely to suffer thrombo-embolism and seven times more likely to suffer from heart disease than women who were around the age of 50 when they started.

Of course what this means for women who take it post hysterectomy because they have had their ovaries removed is anyone’s guess and it is hoped that at some point researchers will be encouraged to look at this group of women because previous studies have indicated that the potential effects are not as great, which may be due to the fact that women without ovaries don’t have the, albeit small, amounts of oestrogen that are still produced post hysterectomy

(BMJ, 2007; 335: 239 – 244)

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