The menopause is not a disease or a state of oestrogen deficiency, it is an age appropriate and natural decline in oestrogen levels. For those of us who have a hysterectomy, it is often induced surgically and may therefore occur at an earlier age than might have been.

For those of you who do not want to take HRT, there has been the alternative of supplementation through diet.  However, some studies have shown that natural plant oestrogens are not necessarily weaker than those of the synthetic ones. It seems that in sufficient quantities they can evoke the same response as other oestrogens, for instance coumestrol which is found in high doses in red clover has been shown to have a powerful oestrogenic effect, up to six times that of any other isoflavones.

What is more in a recent laboratory study, it was found to have the same effect on cell growth as oestradiol, the most powerful of the known human oestrogens.

A further study has even shown that a high dietary intake of soya, even over short time periods may significantly stimulate the growth of some breast tissues.


  1. I have read your article and found it very interesting. I have recently started drinking soya milk myself but am wondering if there any other regular changes I can make to my diet to increase my intake of oestrogen?

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