One week on – Lynn’s Story

Well, its one week on since my hysterectomy, two days in hospital then discharged and feel not too bad – better than I thought I would.

Went back to hospital yesterday to have stitches removed and have an infection in the wound which is being treated with antibiotics – apparently not an unusual situation. All feels good although painful around the scar.

Gradually building up my exercise regime and now on a ten minute gentle walk daily. I do find by the afternoon, that I do need a rest and normally have a lay down for half an hour.

I’m trying to take things easy but that’s quite hard when you are used to being on the go the whole time. It would be good to hear from others in the same time frame as to who they are doing.


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Other people’s stories help women feel less isolated. They show that they aren’t going mad, missing the point or stupid.

Linda Parkinson-Hardman

Transformational counsellor, coach and women's health advocate. Professionally I'm an information scientist who specialises in change management, culture change and adoption of digital technologies in large enterprises and organisations. I am a writer and author of nine books to date, and I've edited a further seven; phew what a lot for a Thursday afternoon :-)

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