Osteoporosis could be reduced if more women were aware of the risk factors

Earlier this month the president of the European Foundation of Women and Health, told a meeting of clinicians who work with osteoporosis patients in Dublin that the number of cases of osteoporosis could be reduced if more women were aware of the risk factors and how lifestyle choices such as drinking, smoking, lack of exercise and lack of calcium could increase their chances of getting the disease.

The risk of osteoporosis increases greatly after the menopause and for women having a hysterectomy which removes the ovaries this may be a cause for concern, especially if they are younger than normal and if they choose not to, or are unable to, take hormone replacement therapy.

It is estimated that one in every two women over the age of 50 will have an osteoporosis-related fracture in their lifetime.

Regular bone density scans are recommended for women in this situation to ensure that they aren’t increasing their risk unnecessarily. You can find out more information about osteoporosis here: https://healthyhappywoman.co.uk/information/the-menopause/osteoporosis-and-the-menopause/


  1. hi i also have osteoporosis. until now i blamed the fact that i had breast cancer and was blasted with radiation everyday for five weeeks forgot about the side effects of hysterectomy. i am trying my best to go outside and get some some sun shine but cannot mange it as i am disabled. i am taking doctors poison vit d. i try if i can to get what i need from frood. anyone has any suggestions regarding vit d rich food.please excuse any spelling mistakes my mind is a little off. but i would appreciate any advice. I had my hysterectomy 15 years ago. 2006 had a bone scan it was fine after that i went downhill.

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