Although it has been long known that fish oil can significantly reduce a mans risk of contracting heart disease, it is only through a recent study that the same can be said for women.

It is true that following the menopause women gradually become as likely as men to suffer from heart disease, probably because of the fall in oestrogen production.  The researchers found that by taking omega-3 fatty acids women who had gone through the menopause (either surgically or naturally) could reduce their propensity to heart disease by up to 27%. (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition; 2000; 72: pp 389 – 394)


  1. You can also get linseed in a bread now along with soya for those who are going down the natural route of trying to cope with surgical menopausal symptoms. Not sure if it does any good but it is quite tasty.

  2. You could try eggs or even linseed oil (which is reputed to be up to six times stronger than fish. Finally butternut squash, walnuts pecans, and lingonberry (try Ikea for this as it is a Swedish delicacy). Linda

  3. Thanks, for the prompt reply and enlightening facts.
    Can you suggest any source of Omega-3 fatty acid other than omega fish. Since I am vegeterian, I will prefer the alternative.

    Virendra Jain

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