Phytoestrogens improves memory loss

According to the British Medical Journal and other learned publications the rhubarb root extract phytoestrol, which is a natural form of oestrogen, is effective in treating loss of libido, dry eyes and vagina, moodswings, bad hair and skin.

Phytoestrogens can also help prevent memory loss.  At the eighth International Medical Congress on the Menopause, held in Sydney in 1996, Dr Jennifer Wordsworth, who is a consultant in Sheffield, presented four studies of women who had undergone surgical menopause (hysterectomy).

Those given phytoestrogen maintained their verbal memory performance and improved their ability to learn new material, compared with the placebo group.  In addition, perception, sense of well being, problem solving ability and language fluency improved in the treated groups.

A really good source of phytoestrogens is the soya bean, you can take it through food, milk or even bread (burgen bread available from your local supermarket).  The main component of soya which is thought to be beneficial is the isoflavones, which are now also available in drinks or health food supplements.

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