Removal of cervix at hysterectomy

It has been suggested that the removal of a normal, healthy cervix during hysterectomy may have an adverse effect on bladder, bowel and sexual function.   Such surgery will also reduce operating time and recovery should occur much more quickly. The study also suggested that such surgery (supra-cervical hysterectomy) used to be common and should again be well within the capability of practising gynaecologists possibly within short stay units and performed by laparotomy rather than full abdominal surgery. (American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology; 1999; 180:3 pt 1; 513 – 515)


  1. Hello I was thinking if I do this operation would be helpful for me ? I keep having negative smear test result ,I did treatment and still negative .i have I my family historic cervix cancer .is it better if I remove it .?thanks

  2. Hi Cati,
    Thank You for your post Nov 17th 2011. I am 45 and am due to have a total hysterectomy in three weeks time. It feels like a minefield at the moment. I keep thinking I`ve got my head around it all and then I read something new or hear something new which confuses me even more.
    I`ve accepted that I need the total hysterectomy because I have large fibroids but am trying to decide whether to have my ovaries removed or not, and then I read that having your cervix removed can affect your sex life. So thank you for the positive feedback on your experience.

    Any feedback or information you or anyone who has been through this cna offer, would be hugely appreciated to enable me to make an informed decision.
    Thank Again Sue

  3. Hi Gail,
    I had a full hysterectomy and cervix removal when I was 36. They left my eggs so I didnt have an early menopause. It was the best thing that could have happened. I can honestly say that my sex life improved!! I really recommend it. Its great not worrying about cervical cancer and my sex life was enhanced.

  4. Hi Catherine,
    I was diagnosed with fibroids, and the Consultant wanted my take my ovaries out because of my age! (49) and didn’t even ask me about my cervix he just presumed he could take it. I was given a smear on that day and all came back normal. I did my research and turned up for the op and said the only thing you are taking is my womb, containing horrible fibroids.

    There is no gyne or breast cancer history in my family so I took the view if it’s not broke don’t fix it or should I say take it. I had a Sub Total Abdominal Hyst which is an easier op technically for the Con, 4 months ago, and have recovered really well in comparison to others would had a Total Adbo Hyst & BSO. My ovaries went into shock for a while and the sweats were awful but thankfully they are now totally functional again. I know they may not last as long as I’ve now had a hyst but I wanted a natural menopause.

    As for continuing to have smears, it never did bother me, so I will simply continue. They either believe in the NHS cervical screening program or don’t. I have had previous back surgery and my final Consultant said keeping the cervix would help maintain some type of support. Needles to say I didn’t stick with the Con who said “Lets be having it all”

  5. Hi Gail I would love to know how you got on with your op, I am waiting to go in for a hysterectomy and bladder prolapse op, but would like to keep the cervix in for all the reasons you spoke about, but I am very concerned as I dont thinkmy consultant will be keen, please let me know how you got on.

  6. Hi there, im having a subtotal/total Laparoscopic hysterectomy next week…….I have a lot of concerns about having my cervix removed ……Ive heard that your sexual arousal and ability to achieve orgasm can go……Which is a massive worry. I know procedure will be easier having it removed but at 44 years old dont want my sex life going down hill . I have to tell them the day of surgery what I want and truly dont know what to do for the best as I dont know if this is really common.Everyone I have spoke to has said this did not happen to them …..Can anyone please give me their thoughts ……Thank You Gail

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