Soya is a food source rich in genistein and daidzein, two phytoestrogens.  They have a significant oestrogenic effect and are thought to help regulate hormonal imbalances in women.  It has also been claimed that they can help to prevent osteoporosis and recent research in Italy has suggested that taking daily supplements for a period of three months can halve the number of hot flushes suffered.

Where soya is a staple part of the diet, for instance in Japan, it can mean that fewer than 25% of women going through the menopause complain of hot flushes; in the US and UK it is closer to 85%.  It has also been shown that that there is a much lower incidence of oestrogen dependent cancer development in these countries.

Finally soya is also an excellent source of protein, containing more protein than milk, no saturated fats or cholesterol and all eight essential amino acids.


  1. I can’t say specifically the foods that will help but I guess a healthy diet of fresh fruit, plenty of vegetables and protein together with lots of water would be a good rule of thumb, unless you are allergic to anything of course 🙂

  2. I’m in to my second week of a full hysterectomy.
    It is going well, but feeling weak as I’m resting quite a bit.
    Could you tell me what sort of food I should be eating to help with a good recovery, and help keep my strength up?
    Also I have a under active thyroid

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