Do you take medication for high cholesterol?

6 out of every 10 people in the UK have raised cholesterol levels. Over time, cholesterol can build up in the arteries – so without treatment, high cholesterol levels can lead to serious health issues, including heart attacks, strokes and angina.

In the UK alone, 6 – 7 million people are taking prescribed medicines called statins to help lower their cholesterol levels. Some commonly prescribed statins in the UK include simvastatin, atorvastatin and lovastatin.

With cholesterol being such a widespread health concern, there is always a demand for new and improved treatments; the statins which are currently available are not suitable for everyone who has high cholesterol. For some people, existing statins do not lower their cholesterol levels enough to prevent the risk of complications. Others may experience side effects when using existing statins, or may be completely intolerant of statins.

Covance clinical research unit in Leeds is helping to develop improved cholesterol treatments, including alternatives to statins, and you can help!

Covance is looking for people, people women who are post menopausal or have had a hysterectomy, who are currently on a stable statin dose to take part in our study of a potential new treatment for high cholesterol. The study involves 2 x two night stays at our clinic in Leeds and 10 follow up appointments, and pays £1640 plus some extra help towards your travel expenses.

They are also recruiting for many other studies which you can take part in if you do not take statins – including trials for cholesterol-lowering drugs, as well as many other conditions.

You can apply for Covance’s paid clinical trials by clicking this link – Statin Clinical Trial. Do something amazing today!

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