Taking part in Hysterectomy Research

There are very real reasons why taking part in hysterectomy research is vital and the biggest reason is because there is so little of it, by comparison to other types of surgery and condition; yet it is still one of the most commonly performed operations on women the world over. Lucine Women is running a new hysterectomy survey and the more information that is shared the better, you can find out all about it here and then follow the link to the survey itself too: http://www.hormonesmatter.com/hysterectomy-survey/

As you probably know, we have two pieces of research that are running on this site, the first considers the information needs of women undergoing a hysterectomy and is a repetition of that which was originally undertaken in 1996 and which resulted in the founding of the Hysterectomy Association.

The other is a piece of research into post hysterectomy recovery which asks women about the sorts of things they are feeling and have found as they recovered. It would be great if you could take part in these as well and you can find the links in each paragraph and below.

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