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The Mirena Coil for Mennhoragia

Mirena is a new intrauterine coil that releases a contraceptive hormone into the womb that also reduces blood loss during periods. Some users can become completely period-free. There are other drug treatments also available, including Mefenamic Acid (Ponstan) and Ethamsylate and Tranexamic Acid, the latter has been found to be the most effective.
(British Journal Obstetric Gynaecology; [1997]; Vol 105-5; 614-6)

Linda Parkinson-Hardman

Transformational counsellor, coach and women's health advocate. Professionally I'm an information scientist who specialises in change management, culture change and adoption of digital technologies in large enterprises and organisations. I am a writer and author of nine books to date, and I've edited a further seven; phew what a lot for a Thursday afternoon :-)

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  1. We’re glad you found us too Karen and it’s great that things have finally started being sorted out.

  2. I have had heavy periods for years, totally controlling my life. Have had ablation, tried the mirena coil (only lasted for 6mths), have also tried Ponstan, etc, none of it worked, so I am now having hysterectomy which will be done a much quicker recovery time. Will be left with my ovaries/cervix etc. Thank god I moved to Australia, it’s taken 2 years from my 1st GP appointment, vaginal u/s & iron tests,( yes, I’m anaemic!!!) to my hysterectomy. Suffered for 12 years in the UK & never even got to see a gynae! Was made to feel like I was exaggerating & as a woman just get on with it…my GP here & the gynae consultants I have met here have been horrified that I have been left to suffer for so long & have been so supportive & understanding. On one hand I’m very nervous about the procedure but then I can’t wait to have my life back & be pain free! So glad I found this site 🙂

  3. Iwas experiancing heavy periods that would last up to two months at a time i had tryed the marina coil and hade to have that taken out after going into toxic shock which put me into hospital twice, so tryed all the tablets avalable, (Norethisterone and Mefenamic Acid and otheres) they did not work for me eather so i am having implants in my abdomen called Zoladex which is used in men with prostate cancer but apparently the hormone switches of the overys , so i will be glad to get my operation in september , but i will admit i am a little scared to.

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