Try beer instead of red wine for your heart

According to some new evidence not all alcohol is created equal when it comes to protecting your heart. Dutch researchers have found that spirits and red wine caused a rise in homo cysteine levels, which have been associated with a greater risk of heart disease. There was no recorded increase when participants consumed beer.

It is thought that it is the Vitamin B group that inhibit the increase of homo-cysteine in the body and that as beer is rich in folates and vitamin B6 it may be more protective because it raises the levels of B vitamins to a higher level than that of red wine or other spirits. Of course there is still the argument about whether any alcohol is in fact good for you.

(The Lancet; 2000; 355: p1522)

(Image courtesy: François Jaques: Peasants Enjoying Beer at Pub in Fribourg (Switzerland, 1923)

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