Researchers in Sweden have now conducted the first uterine transplants to result in live births.  Admittedly they were in mice, but the results are positive. This research followed on from the successful transplant of a uterus into a woman in Saudi Arabia, the results of which were published earlier in the year. As with any pioneering treatment of this nature, there are a number of issues to contend with, not least the ethical questions that will inevitably arise.

The transplant was created from a portion of a uterus that was transplanted alongside that of an existing uterus in to a mouse. Within several days it was possible to see that the blood flow to both uterus and implant were similar. Three fertilised embryos were then transplanted into each uterus. One in the donor uterus and all three in the existing uterus developed into healthy fetuses. The pregnancy was then terminated after 13 days for ethical reasons. Since this original research has been carried out a number of similar procedures have been undertaken which have resulted in live births.

(J Endocrinol; 2002; August; 174(2); pp 157-66)


  1. Hi Dr Begum. We don’t do hysterectomies or any other surgery for that matter, we are a patient support organisation that provides information and peer support to women having a hysterectomy. 🙂

  2. i am a gynaecologist. please inform me if i want to get help from you about transplant of uterus for my 20 years aged patient who underwent hysterectomy due to pph.

    with thanks.

  3. Hi Kim, I’m so sorry to hear about your experience. Have you asked anyone to explain what happened and why?

  4. Please keep me informed. I am so hurt because I had a partial hysterectomy and was not informed by my physician. It was due to a fibroid tumor, however, I specifically informed my physician that I did not want my uterus removed under no circumstances and he lied to me and removed it anyway. I am 47, and my future husband never had children but wants a biological child so badly, and a surrogate will not do because of his religion. Therefore, I would greatly appreciate being kept informed of any changes. Thank you and God Bless.

  5. Although uterine transplants have been performed successfully in rats and mice and in one case in a woman in the Middle East, they are still in the very early stages of research and the likelihood of this becoming a procedure that is available generally in the near future is unlikely.

  6. Hi! I’m sooooo very interested in the search you are doing in the areas of uterine transplants . I lost my uterus to cancer back in Aug. 2005 and age 31 I was totally devastated! A newly divorced, single mom of 3. My Husband is a great dad to my children from my previous marriage, and he would love nothing more than for us to have a child of our very own together. I’m 37 at this point and I’m in great health but I don’t know how much time we have left speaking realistically.

  7. Please, keep me updated on uterine transplants. I am very interested.

    I had to give up my uterus in 98 due to fibroid tumors and I wanted so much to have another child or more. I gave up on being a nun when I was 10 because I wanted a family.


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