Why Are Medical Trials Necessary For The Advancement Of Medicine?

Why are medical trials necessary? It’s a question that’s relatively easy to answer, after all medications cannot be prescribed by doctors unless they have been subjected to clinical trials. Studies are carried out on promising new treatments to provide answers regarding their effectiveness and how they are absorbed by the body. Carefully conducted clinical trials provide pharmaceutical companies with the safest and most effective way of ensuring new treatments work, and volunteers are always required to help to develop the medicines of the future.

There are many benefits to taking part in a clinical trial. In addition to the satisfaction gained from knowing that you have helped others by developing treatments for future generations, volunteers receive a free medical examination to ensure that they are fit, healthy and suitable to participate in the trial. They also receive payment to compensate them for their time and for the discomfort and inconvenience of taking part in a trial.

Some clinical trial companies also reimburse volunteers for their travel expenses. The amount of money received for taking part in a trial varies from study to study. Generally, the payment is based upon the length of time that a volunteer has devoted to the study, together with the number of outpatient visits they have to make to the research facility after the conclusion of the initial trial period.

You might imagine that taking part in such a trial would be a boring experience where you spend a week lying in bed.  However, the truth is very different. Whilst there is a fairly busy schedule throughout the trials, there remains plenty of free time which provides an opportunity to socialize with other volunteers and to make use of the recreational facilities.

Some clinical trial companies provide a host of on-site entertainment facilities including games consoles, TV and DVDs, internet access, pool tables and even well stocked libraries. Covance go one-step further and even hold games of Bingo for their volunteers, which has proved to be very popular especially with the senior volunteers.

Before a trial, volunteers are provided with information that describes the purpose and potential risks of the trial. Volunteers are carefully selected for each study and will undergo a free and thorough medical examination before the trail. This includes an analysis of their blood and urine samples, taking a tracing of their heart’s activity and measuring their blood pressure levels. Once dosed with a treatment, volunteers are closely monitored to detect any effects that arise from the treatment. Monitoring is carried out by fully trained doctors and nurses in research facilities that are not only modern and comfortable but feature state of the art medical equipment.

All of the medicines available today have been brought onto the market thanks to the assistance of clinical trial volunteers. Without them, the treatments we take for granted could not have been developed. To find out how you can get involved and take part in a medical trial, please visit Covance online.

(Please note that this is a sponsored post by Covance Clinical Research Unit).

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