This information exists to provide impartial information and access to support to women seeking to make informed decisions about hysterectomy. Users are advised that where possible the information has been referenced, however some information given may be outside that which is considered to be current medical opinion. In all cases, this information should not be used to make a diagnosis or to provide prescribing data as each woman’s case is different. Users are advised to seek advice from their doctors about the suitability of any methods of treatment described.

The information and resource listings on this site are not intended to be fully systematic or complete, nor does inclusion here imply any endorsement or recommendation by healthy, happy woman. This site is not intended to replace the relationship that exists between a patient and their medical practitioner. Although much of the site represents current medical opinion some of the information and resource listed on this site is, by definition, outside the scope of generally accepted medical standards of care. They may be non-conventional, alternative or complementary.

The information and resources listed should not be used in any way to provide a diagnosis or to prescribe any medical treatment. As in the case of conventional medicine, indiscriminate use of some of these therapies without medical supervision may be harmful to your health. Individuals viewing this material should in all cases consult their own doctor or other medical provider for the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions.

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