Having a hysterectomy quick start guide

i'm having a hysterectomy what nowHaving a hysterectomy can be confusing, especially when there is so much information available to you from many different sources. This quick guide gives you an overview of things you might like to think about, as well as pointing to a number of resources, sources of information, help and support that will help while you are preparing for your hysterectomy.

Do you know what a hysterectomy is? It’s surprising the number of women that aren’t too sure about what’s going to happen and why. Perhaps you might like to see a video of the operation – it might seem a bit gruesome, but many women do find it helpful.

The next thing you might want to think about is what your hysterectomy will actually involve. Will you be having your ovaries removed; has the surgeon explained about whether your cervix is going to be taken away as well? If you have been given a choice about these then you need to know what the options are and why.

An early menopause or a second ‘menopause’ is a reality for many women after they have a hysterectomy. This happens because the levels of sex hormones we produce can drop whether or not we’ve had our ovaries removed. Being aware of what may happen is helpful, because it means you won’t be worrying about what’s going on when the dreaded symptoms strike. You’ll also know what to say to your doctor so that you can then agree the best course of action.

You might like to take a look at our handy post about the hysterectomy hospital bag. This is made up of all sorts of suggestions from the women that use our Facebook page about the things that they found the most helpful when they were having their surgery.

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101 handy hints for a happy hysterectomy book cover

Cuts through all the rubbish!

Thanks Linda here is a book that cuts through all the rubbish and gives you clear concise advice! It’s a very accessible book that is written in a way that gives a clear picture without being negative or scary. A lot of tips for before, during and after your op! It’s worth every penny! Jules

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