Hysterectomy statistics

The numbers of hysterectomies vary wildly around the world and so we’ve embarked on a long term project to try and map hysterectomy surgery around the world by country – where we can find the data of course. We’re also tracking how many years it takes for 1% of the female population to have a hysterectomy. Below, you’ll find our latest figures, we plan to update the spreadsheet on a regular basis.

If you happen to have access to up to date numbers for your country or know where to locate them, please let us know so we can improve our accuracy. Our data sources are the official statistics published.


  • ec.europa.eu
  • hscic.gov.uk
  • infoandstats.wales.nhs.uk
  • isdscotland.org
  • cdc.gov
  • health.govt.nz
  • stats.oecd.org


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