In my own words – share your hysterectomy story

Sharing your hysterectomy story benefits everyone, and we strongly believe that everyone has a story to share about their hysterectomy and menopause experience. Some of those stories will be sad, many will be positive but all will help other women understand that they aren’t alone, whatever their experience or their feeling.

We would be very grateful if YOU would consider adding your story to our website for the benefit of other women in the future.  All you need to do is complete the form below, don’t worry we only add first names so your story will be relatively anonymous – unless you choose to add your name and other details to the main story area.

Before sending in your story please read these guidelines as that way you will increase the chance of our publishing your story on the blog.

  1. Please write this as a story with a beginning, middle and end. The sorts of things readers are interested in include the problems you’d been having, how the decision to have a hysterectomy was made, what sort of hysterectomy you had, how the surgery went, any problems you experienced during recovery and how you feel now.
  2. This isn’t the place to ask a question as you are unlikely to get a direct response. If you have a question, then you are more likely to get a response and support from the hysterectomy association forums.
  3. As a guide between 300 and 600 words is usually enough to cover everything as less than 300 doesn’t really give enough information.

Thanks in anticipation – Linda x

Share your hysterectomy story with other women

If you have a story to share about your hysterectomy experiences, why not share it on my website with your fellow patients. I never publish names so it will remain anonymous.
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