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Counselling is a therapy that aims to assist people to overcome the emotional barriers or psychological problems caused by, things like, stress or relationship breakdown, traumas and lack of self confidence. Counselling enables clients to address their problems and make the life changes needed to overcome these problems and so improve their health and well-being.

Its purpose is to help anyone affected by  issues surrounding their hysterectomy, problems that have ‘bubbled to the surface’ at this critical life stage for a woman, or help with their ongoing well-being and personal development.


With the guidance of a trained and experienced counsellor, a safe, supportive and confidential environment is provided. The client is given help to explore the issues which may be at the root of their problems and develop goals in line with their ambitions.

How Does it Work? With your counsellor you’ll explore your feelings, emotions and expectations, and gain help with communication and problem solving and look at options and new possibilities. Your counsellor’s role is to listen and encourage you to talk openly about your concerns, worries and problems and help you reach your own decisions about the best way forward.  You can find out more about whether it is right for you by reading our Hysterectomy Counselling FAQ’s.

Where does it take place?

We offer two types of counselling:

  1. We currently offer pre-booked counselling sessions from our office in Abbotsbury, Dorset, UK.
  2. Telephone or online counselling for those who live farther afield.

How do I book? You can book online via our online shop here: Book Counselling

How much will it cost? The cost of counselling is £35 per session for telephone/online counselling and £45 per session for face to face counselling.

You will be need to make payment online and then choose your appointment date and time.  If you wish to reschedule or cancel an appointment we do need at least 24 hours notice, if you give less notice than this, then we may not be able to refund your payment to you.

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