Hysteria Writing Competition 2015 launched

Phew! I’m really pleased to announce that the Hysteria Writing Competition for 2015 has finally launched. In fact it was on 1st April (no April’s fool joke), but we’ve been upgrading websites and moving servers and this is the first time I’ve had a chance to put together this post.

hysteria writing competitionThis year we’ve been extremely lucky to have a wonderful group of judges which means they have the luxury of only working on a single category, instead of all the entries as in previous years.

Each judge has been interviewed and you can meet them on this blog here:

Short Stories

Flash Fiction


The Hysteria Writing Competition is an international competition open to women only and supports the Hysterectomy Association. It closes on 31st August each year and 10 winners in each category are published in the annual anthology, this year will be Hysteria 4. You can find out more on the Hysteria micro site or via our Twitter hashtag #Hysteria2015

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