Hysteria Writing Competition Judges – Sarah Hegarty

Each year we interview our volunteer judges for the Hysteria Writing Competition and I’d like to introduce Sarah Hegarty.

Tell me one thing no-one knows about you.

I have to read books according to the weather. For example, I always read ‘Miss Smilla’s Feeling For Snow’ (by Peter Hoeg) in the winter – January works best.

What do you enjoy reading the most and why?

Anything that is well written – from journalism to poetry and everything in between. Especially if it makes me think, or takes me somewhere new.

If there was one book or piece of writing you wish you had written what would it be?

It would have to be Frederick Busch’s short story ‘Ralph the Duck’ – a beautiful piece of writing that celebrates the dignity and art of being human.

What prompted you to volunteer to be a judge for the Hysteria Writing Competition?

Competitions are such an important way of keeping going in the lonely life of a writer. I’ve received so much encouragement from them myself, I welcome the chance to give something back.

If there was a film of your life who would play you and why?

I’ve heard Beyonce’s interested.

Where can we find out more about you?

On my website: www.sarahhegarty.co.uk. And you can follow me on Twitter @SarahHegarty1

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