Introducing our Hysteria 2012 Judges – Carina Barnett

I’m slowly introducing you all to our panel of Hysteria 2012 Short Story and Poetry Competition Judges. I’ve asked them all the same six questions and there are some surprising answers. Our eighth judge is …  Carina Barnett and here she tells you a little more about herself.

Tell me one thing no-one knows about you.

I dream in colour. Doesn’t everyone?

What do you enjoy reading the most and why?

Well written modern fiction which makes me laugh.

If there was one book or piece of writing you wish you had written what would it be?

Anything by PG Wodehouse. (OK, he’s not particularly modern). His writing made me proud to have English as my native language. He had such fun with it and created an idyllic world which I utterly believed in while I was reading his books

What prompted you to volunteer to be a judge in Hysteria 2012?

Getting back into writing seriously after a hiatus caused by illness. Writing is so therapeutic and I have realised that I will only be happy and be me if I am either doing it myself or , in some way, connected with it.

Have you written a book or a poem? If so what is the title and where can we find it (if it’s available to buy)?

Only very minor success in the literary world thus far. I am planning to change that!

If there was a film of your life who would play you and why?

Ideally someone luminous and tranquil. As I am neither of these things, however, someone sassy and tough.  Couldn’t give you a name, that is for others to decide.

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