Meet Anne Wilson – short story judge 2016

Which writers or poets inspire you and why?

I am inspired by both the stories and writing style of Joyce Carol Oates; the realism and pathos of her characters and their lives is incredible and her sheer output is an inspiration in itself; also, Lisa St Aubin de Teran and JG Ballard. I currently find most Scandi Noir inspiring, I like a dark twist, and have been impressed by a number of new authors who have written amazing stories.

anne wilsonIf you are a writer or poet, how did you get started?

I remember a lightbulb moment while reading ‘Heidi’, when I really ‘saw’ the mountains in my mind and hadn’t realised that reading something could do that. I had always ‘written’ inside my head until a creative writing course helped me to explore the craft of writing.

Do you have a ‘must read’ list?

I have a very long ‘must read’ list, garnered mainly from book reviews and the previous titles of newly discovered authors.

I usually have markers in four or five books at a time. It depends on whether I want to spend a few hours lost in something, have a coffee-break read or learn something new. Currently: A God in Ruins: Kate Atkinson, Lovely, Dark, Deep: Joyce Carol Oates, Being Mortal: Atul Gawande and Forensics: Val McDermid.

What advice would you give your younger writing self? 

My advice to my younger writing self would be: Take your writing more seriously; the effort alone will be rewarding and the more experience you have – the ‘luckier’ you will be.

What emotion do you associate with good writing?

The emotion I most associate with good writing would be, empathy, the ability to get inside other people’s heads. A memory for detail is good too.


You can meet Anne on her website here: and her first novel is Here Be Dragons.

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