Meet Lynda Nash, poetry judge for hysteria 2016

Which writers or poets inspire you and why?

Miranda July’s short stories and Amanda Dalton’s poetry always inspire me to write. It’s something to do with their very relaxed, conversational style and quirky subjects.

lynda nashWho would you invite to a literary dinner party?

Anne Fine, Lesley Glaister, and Erin Morgenstern (so I can tell her how much I loved The Night Circus!).

Do you have a ‘must read’ list?

Top of my ‘must reads’ is Anthony Burgess’s A Clockwork Orange. Rebecca, Animal Farm, The Go Between, Honour Thy Father…

Where and when do you do most of your reading?

In bed is always the best place to read.

Are there some themes you enjoy more than others?

I am always drawn to post-apocalyptic fiction but lately I’ve read many books about abandonment. This is a theme that also appears a lot in my own writing.

What are you reading currently?

Last Night In Montreal by Emily St. John Mandel. She wrote Station Eleven, which I loved.

Are you a library lover, a bookshop bird or an online owl?

An online owl now it’s so convenient.

Have you ever been disappointed by a ‘highly recommended’ book?

The Other Hand by Chris Cleave. It had no blurb as such so there was no indication of what the story was going to be about – not that this would have made it any less disappointing!

What advice would you give your younger writing self?

Keep writing! You might think your work is dire right now but it will improve.

Which genre of writing do you prefer and why?

Adult literary fiction – I enjoy character-based stories. And sometimes young adult fiction.

Do you have a favourite writing or reading resource to recommend?

Thresholds (Home of the international short story forum) and Classic Short Stories


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