Meeting Ayalla Buchanan – Hysteria 2015 Judge

ayalla buchanan

Are the names of your characters important to you?

Yes. Coming up with names is so hard, especially when you’re older. They always remind you of someone or other. But I actually had writers’ block until the names were perfect.

How do you remainayalla buchanan sane while working?

I’m not sure that I do, I’ve been known to start giggling at work because one of my characters has said something funny inside my head. Is that weird?

Tea, Coffee, Water, Juice, Wine or Beer … which do you prefer when writing?

Coffee. I would mainline it if I could.

If you could commit the perfect murder where would you hide the body?

I’d feed it to some hungry pigs. Pigs will eat pretty much anything. Or, in a pinch, I’d eat it myself. I’m a vegetarian, but I’m sure that wouldn’t count.

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