Meeting Sue Spiers – Poetry category finalist

sue spiers

Sue Spiers is a poet and finalist in the Hysteria 2015 writing competition poetry category, she is also the inspiration behind the poetry anthology Jiggle Sac. Along with 9 other poets, her poem ‘The weight of glass‘ can be seen in Hysteria 4, due out at the beginning of December.

The Sue Spiers Interview

sue spiersWhat is one thing that no-one would usually know about you?

I’m good at keeping secrets while presenting an open and honest demeanour.

How did you choose a title for your book?

I enjoyed an anthology called The Rattle Bag edited by Seamus Heaney and Ted Hughes which ordered the poems alphabetically by title. I chose Jiggle Sac for my collection, because I don’t rattle and I’m not a bag. It has a picture of two large hula girls on the front, jiggling. I’m a Star Trek fan and recall an episode with a crystalline alien life form who referred to humans as ‘ugly sacs of mostly water’.

Have you ever written naked?

Sort of, if I get stuck on an idea or the phrase won’t come I take a long soak in the bath. If inspiration hits mid-suds there’s often a trail to my desk to write it down while I remember the phrase – and a damp notebook.

What is the single biggest challenge you faced when writing your book?

My biggest challenge is marketing. I learned how to compile the poems using and created the book to a pleasing standard, but self-published poetry books are dismissed by the great and the good even if they enjoy reading them. Literary agents are not crying out for poetry, it is still a specialised genre as far as publishing goes. Thank you for this platform to display my work.

Where do you find your inspiration?

All sorts of places – mostly by sharing experiences with other writers or reading magazine articles that trigger a response. Recently there were news items about Solar Impulse 2, a plane fuelled by solar panels. I keep an eye out for magazine poetry themes and aim to write a poem about, say, revolution. Art work is a source for some of my poems, imagining what the sitter is thinking, what an arrangement of shapes and colours makes you think about, wondering why the artist created the piece. Going to the zoo to see exotic creatures usually gets me researching. Holidays always generate poems, partly because you have the time to write and partly because you’re doing something out of the ordinary.

Do you have any favourite resources you would like to share with my readers?

I treat myself to an Arvon poetry course (Other genres are available). I’ve met both wonderful tutors and excellent students who are brilliant writers who have become on-line friends who trade information on poetry events, promote friends’ books and are a highly supportive bunch eager to congratulate successes and commiserate with equally long lists of rejection letters. I guess I’ve been lucky.

Tea, Coffee, Water, Juice, Wine or Beer … which do you prefer when writing?

Tea, especially if hubby slips a cuppa under my nose and leaves me writing and refreshed.


jiggle sacWHERE CAN I FIND OUT MORE ABOUT Sue and her book?

You can find Sue’s Book, Jiggle Sac on Amazon here:

You can also catch up with Sue on Twitter:




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