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Since early 2012 this site has been chronicling my writing, my attempts to help other authors get their books into the hands of the reading public and how I storm castles for a living. Since September 2019 it has also become the home of the information from my – now dead – social enterprise, the Hysterectomy Association; and it also houses everything to do with the Hysteria Writing Competition.

So, who am I?

That’s an interesting question and one I’ve spent a life-time trying to answer. Until this point in time I have felt rather disconnected as I had five websites, three social media profiles and one very confused life. I began to unfragment when I closed the Hysterectomy Association in September 2019. Until that point I’d been very conflicted about the information I was sharing as it wasn’t what I believed, but matched more with the current medical model. And because I wasn’t sure who I was my blog languished, and I ended up in both places simply sharing other people’s stuff.

On Sunday 14th June 2020 I had an epiphany and after 5 decades of living on this planet, not knowing what I want to be, I finally understand and know what I want to do with the rest of my life.

Too often the books I read say ‘follow your bliss’ or ‘do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life again’; and although intellectually I understood what they were saying, in large part they were meaningless phrases I would trot out as everyone else did. And for the longest time I believed I was doing both of these things. That’s not to say my working life has been boring, it most certainly hasn’t and I’ve loved what I do, after all I’ve met many wonderful people and learnt so many things along the way.

But last Sunday, I actually stopped and noticed for the first time ever what I do all the time; what I spend all my free time doing and what has me on a quest to learn and know more. And it’s then I realised that it was my passion and it’s what I want to do with the rest of my life. I also know how to integrate into my working life too!

My father introduced me to a different way of looking at the world when I was a very small child, he was a seeker after truth too. My interests broadened and as a result I did a first degree in Theology. Since then I’ve read widely, studied and thought deeply; I’ve changed my mind about ‘how life works’ many, many times and am always willing to have my perspective challenged.

I love, have always loved, finding out more about who I am, who you are, where we come from, why we are here and how this thing called ‘life’ works.

I am a seeker after truth, but recognise that truth rarely exists – except (apparently) in novels and the media.

I am a walker who enjoys the gentle tramp of feet in the country with my dogs Belle and Pip and husband, Steve.

I read, I think, I sometimes get it right and I sometimes get it wrong!

As of today, the 2020 summer solstice, this is the place I’ll bring the various sides of myself together into one (probably not seamless} whole – I find myself smiling gently as I write this as I know it’s very unlikely. I will share my own experience of what the world is and hope you will do the same with me.

I love a cup of tea and will happily spend time with friends in our local cafe – Bellenies Bakehouse in Abbotsbury.

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