About Linda

Linda Parkinson-HardmanSince early 2012 this site has been chronicling my writing, my attempts to help other authors get their books into the hands of the reading public and how I storm castles for a living. Since September 2019 it has also become the home of the information from my – now dead – social enterprise, the Hysterectomy Association; and it also houses everything to do with the Hysteria Writing Competition.

The Hysterectomy Association was a social enterprise providing impartial, timely and appropriate hysterectomy, menopause and women’s health information and support to women facing or who have had, hysterectomy. I founded it back in 1997 and finally made the decision to close it and move on with my life in September 2019, when the information was moved to this site. It’s aim was to address the biggest concern the majority of women had, which was the lack of information to help them make an informed decision and I hope that will still be case going forward. My interest in women’s health hasn’t diminished, it’s broadened and this is a better place for me to share my opinions and thoughts about the medicalised world we live in.

So, who am I?

That’s an interesting question and one I’ve spent a life-time trying to answer for myself. At one point I felt rather disconnected as I had five websites, three social media profiles and one very confused life.

I am a seeker after truth, but recognise that truth rarely exists – except in novels and the media.

I am a walker who enjoys the gentle tramp of feet in the country with my dog Belle and husband, Steve.

I read, I think, I get it wrong!

I’m an IT consultant specialising in adoption and engagement – that’s the art of persuading people to use new software and systems by influence rather than the Genghis Kahn methodology.

And this is the place I’ll bring the various sides of myself together into one (probably not) seamless whole – I find myself smiling gently as I write this as I know it’s very unlikely.

I love a cup of tea and will happily spend time sharing time with friends in our local cafe – Bellenies Bakehouse in Abbotsbury.

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