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The Hysterectomy Association is very happy to work with journalists and public relations who are looking for information, support or comments on subjects related to hysterectomy. We can also provide materials and items for review if you need them for your work.

Please contact us by email on if you need a case study for your piece then we are happy to help.

However we would draw your attention to the following; we have a database of over 10,000 women, when we receive a request for a case study we broadcast a message to everyone on the database asking them to respond directly to the journalist if they feel they can help. This means that you can receive several hundred emails in a very short space of time. In order to reduce the amount of work for you, we would like to suggest that you make your request as specific as possible to narrow down the numbers of women that might reply, you need to include a deadline as well – but do give us as much time as possible.

Recent Media Contributions:

  • Prima Magazine, February 2012 – Article about Linda Parkinson-Hardman and the Woman of the Year event
  • Interview with Olamide Agbaimoni on October 2011
  • 14th January 2009, Linda talks to Hannah Murray about hysterectomy on Radio Europe.
  • 13th January 2009, Daily Mail Online and Print
  • 26th March 2008, Linda talked to Mary Harboe live about Hysterectomy on Radio Europe Mediterraneo
  • 8th March 2008 Body and Soul, The Saturday Times, – article on testosterone after hysterectomy
  • 17th February 2008 – The Wright Show – Channel Five
  • Woman and Home, May 2007 – article on Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • BBC Radio Newcastle – February 2007 – ‘phone interview about The Duchess of York’s hysterectomy
  • Dr Foster Information Leaflet on Vaginal Hysterectomy for The Department of Health
  • Case study for Article on Hysterectomy Amongst Younger Women for women’s magazine
  • Article in the Daily Mail about the relevance of hysterectomy – February 2007
  • Gracia Magazine – January 2007 on Fibroids and Hysterectomy
  • Now Magazine – July 25th Mentioned in Letters page
  • Yours Magazine -March 27th ‘The Truth About Hysterectomy’
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