For many years I undertook unique research studies through the Hysterectomy Association and I am continuing at happy, healthy, woman. I also provide research teams with public patient involvement support for their health and social care research projects. I can also facilitate research in related organisations and areas. My current research projects are listed below and I would be very grateful if you took part. Internal research projects are undertaken through a self-selection process and involve the use of simple questionnaires.

  1. The Information Needs of Hysterectomy Patients
  2. Post Hysterectomy Recovery Survey
  3. Are you more likely to have a hysterectomy if you have been abused?
  4. Website Feedback Survey

External research projects

I have no external research projects at present, check back soon.

PPI Public Patient Involvement opportunities for researchers.

After 22 years of working and supporting women having hysterectomies I have a wealth of experience to help your research projects meet the growing demand for public and patient involvement in research projects. Click this link for more information:

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