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My sub-total hysterectomy – Louise’s story

I am a worrier (a phrase that you will see later became relevant !) – it’s in my nature, so you can imagine what something as significant as a sub-total abdominal hysterectomy did to the worrying part of my brain.

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This is how it began – Dawn’s Story

It stated back in 2006. I had sterilisation reversal, I got pregnant but then miscarried after 6 weeks. My whole life collapsed, I felt a failure, felt what had I done wrong to deserve this, but then had to think mother nature had blessed me with 5 healthy children, but unfortunately wasn’t to the man of my dreams. I then carried on bleeding and in pain, had a few ops in the year, but then had to opt for full abdo hysterectomy. My whole life collapsed. I felt I was a failure, because I couldn’t give the man of my dreams the baby I’d longed for. It hurt so much.

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5 weeks after hysterectomy – my story

Hi – I’m 52 and last October during my usual run along the river, I experienced severe pelvic pain. To cut a long story short, two cysts were found, one on each ovary. I was advised by two consultants to have a hysterectomy as the larger of the cysts contained a mass, which combined with high levels in the CA125 bloods taken, indicated a possibility of ovarian cancer. However, these CA125 levels kept changing and both consultants were of the opinion that I probably had endometriosis, but because of the question mark over the levels, they would continue as though I had ovarian cancer. It was decided that I should have a full abdominal hysterectomy.

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Hysterectomy at 50 – Lisa’s Story

I had my hysterectomy at 50. I was told that I had a large fibroid after a routine examination but was told that I didn’t need treatment unless I started having problems. One year on I was having increasingly heavy periods and my stomach looked like I was 5 months pregnant. After various scans and a visit to a consultant I was told that my only option would be a hysterectomy. There was concern over the very rapid growth of the fibroid and cancer couldn’t be completely ruled out until it had been removed. I did feel extremely frightened at this point.

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