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Freedom at last – Lisa’s story

I was 12 when the pains first started. Excruciating pains such that I would count the hours between pain killers and hide at the back of the class trying not to cry. I watched my mother go through the same thing so I figured it was normal. Periods were to be feared each and every month. They were never on time, never when I expected them and always left me tired. But I carried on.

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A runner’s hysterectomy recovery – Jo’s story

At 47, for eighteen months I’d been suffering excruciating pain every time I went to the loo. Sometimes, the pain was so horrendous that I would find myself subconsciously stopping myself midflow. Other things began to happen too; my constipation that I had suffered for many years at the time of my period became a permanent problem and I had a constant pain in my left groin that seemed to worsen when I sat for any length of time.

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Recent Hysterectomy – Jane’s story

Hi Ladies, I joined the site back in November but this is my first time posting. I’m 39 and a single Mum to my 5 year old son. I have suffered with Endometriosis since my mid-twenties and subsequently had 3 operations to remove the growth, after which I felt much improved until it returned and I began the same repeat of surgery!

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My 18 Day Bleeding Nightmare – Raylene’s Story

I am 41 years of age and and two years ago I was diagnosed with endometriosis after having tubal litigation on the 1st July 2011. I suffered with severe lower back, leg and abdominal pain and heavy periods for three years. I tried treatments of Provera tablets and the Mirena coil to see if the symptoms would disappear. After enduring severe pain for years and see my gyno we decided that a total hysterectomy would be my final option.

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Still Waiting for My Op – Anna’s Story

I have struggled with Adenomnyosis and Endometriosis (hope those spellings are right) for a very long time. Heavy bleeding, flooding, discomfort, lots of pain and a massive belly for so long. Part of the reason for bearing with the pain all this long was the hope that I would conceive. I have been married 12 years now and he has finally filled for divorce so he can move on with his life and father a child hopefully. I have tried everything from tablets, Mirena coil, I was aware of the hysterectomy option but I had been so scared to make that decision.

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