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Match + Ranking = understanding Amazon for Authors

Amazon is not just the world’s largest online store, it is also one of the world’s largest search engines too. But, rather than offering up a list of websites to visit as Google or Bing might do, it serves you a helping of the products it happens to be selling.  The key to an author understanding how Amazon works is to accept that what we’re working with is a complex mathematical algorithm which determines which, of the millions of choices available, are going to be seen by the average user.

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How to Add Extra Information About Your Book to Your Amazon Listings

Let’s face it, the Amazon Listing for a particular book is a bit thin really. It comprises mostly the product description and a few tags too but we all know how important rich data is as well and it’s worth knowing that Shelfari, another of the social networks for readers, allows you to add extra information to your book data. Because it’s owned by Amazon, that data shows up on the Kindle versions of your books.

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On being an Amazon Best Seller – the reality behind the hype

Update: 15/04/12 Following a conversation with a friend, I updated this post because he had read it quite negatively and actually the story isn’t negative. When I became brave enough to actually see how many books there were in each category I was being listed as a best-seller. At the end of each listing you can find the numbers of books in each category that I’m listed as a Best Seller in and some of them are quite impressive; I mean #53 out of almost 10,000 is pretty good by anybody’s standard. So I think I’ll give myself a pat on the back.

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Selling Online WITHOUT A Website

Up until now, you have done a lot of planning and preparation. You have thought about the products or services you would like to offer, you have considered how the new business will fit into your life and you have also done a brief analysis of your business costs to enable you to determine your selling price. April then, is the month you are going to start to put it all into practice.

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