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My hysterectomy and cancer journey – Anya’s story

I had been suffering from heavy bleeding on and off since the birth of my second child in 2012 , medication and the contraceptive pill did nothing to ease the bleeding and I was referred to a gynaecologist, I initially saw a locum gynaecologist who persuaded me to have a Mirena coil fitted.

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I still don’t think it is necessary! – Sian’s story

Well, as you will see, the title of my story isn’t strictly true, but my journey started when I went to my GP with slight menopausal bleeding. It took me a few days to decide whether it was bleeding or just slightly coloured discharge, however, she told me that they always refer anyone over 60 with post menopausal bleeding to the aptly named ‘post menopausal bleeding clinic’!

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Pelvic Pain: The Master of Disguise

In July we started a new series of posts about invisible illnesses in conjunction with Covance. This month’s post is one which has a huge amount of relevance to our readers because it’s a problem which will almost certainly affect most, if not all at some point. The reason the subject caught our eye was because one study in particular has stood out for Covance recently – the trialling of a brand new treatment for chronic pain relief.

But should we be searching for a treatment for pain, if that pain is just one symptom of a bigger condition? Why not concentrate on curing the disease which is causing the pain? Unfortunately it’s not necessarily that easy and we thought we’d try and and explain why.

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Thank goodness I went to GP!! – Joy’s Story

Hi all. I started off the year badly! I slipped over on a slimey wet path onto my front & badly bruised & battered myself, this was in February 2014! In March I had an itchy clear discharge, firstly I thought it was thrush, & treated accordingly. But still it continued! I made an appointment to see my GP for the following week. Believe it or not on the day, of my GP appointment the discharge became blood stained, I may not have mentioned it otherwise! As I’m 3 years post menopause my GP fast tracked me to the local hospital! So in April I had an appointment for an ultrasound in the morning & hysteroscopy & biopsy in the afternoon!

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Looking forward to the New Year (2014) – Lisa’s Story

Hi, I’m 50 yrs old. In 2010 I had a pelvic floor lift due to leaking urine when I laughed, coughed and did star jumps at the gym! My gynae decided he would replace my mirena coil at the same time. On having my coil checked later it could not be found, so I had a scan which showed multiple fibroids, small but plenty of them. I was assured that the coil would keep them at bay!

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Preparing for hysterectomy – Kelly’s Story

I’m a 33 year old mother of two. For many years I have suffered heavy bleeding and had abnormal smear results which resulted in having to have laser treatment which wasn’t very pleasant. For a while things settled down, then two years ago it all started again so I asked to be sterilized.

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