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Radical hysterectomy due to cervical cancer – Amanda’s story

Hi well what a whirlwind it’s been. I’m 44, married and busy mum of 3. Had my first abnormal smear in July which resulted in a LLETZ procedure in early August. 4 weeks later when I thought things must be ok I was called to see the consultant and was diagnosed with cervical cancer on 4th September. CT, MRI and several appointments later I was booked in for radical hysterectomy, removal of both ovaries and lymph node dissection on 21st September.

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A year without a uterus – Saizo’s story

I went for visual inspection of the cervix on the 10th of April 2013; since this was a free service and being a nurse I had better chances of being screened for cervical cancer by my colleagues. The nurse gave me the positive results and we awaited the arrival of the Doctor to confirm the diagnosis. However the Dr said it was probably an infection and I was given some painkillers and had a follow up VIAC done; after taking the antibiotics which was clear.

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Sometimes wish I had never bothered – Debra’s Story

My story begins in January 2009 when a routine smear test revealed CIN3 cells and I was advised I would need treatment as soon as possible. I had these cells removed under general anaesthetic in March 2009. My general health at this time was fine but I was then unexpectedly made redundant from a job I loved so went through a bit of low period.

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End of a long road – Shona’s Hysterectomy Story

Well my hysterectomy story began in 2008. Unfortunately I was having bad smear after bad smear and numerous cervical laser treatments to help. I had been on the combination pill for many years due to heavy and very irregular periods and when I hit a certain age and weight I was told this was no good for me anymore and thus had to change to something else, but what else?

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Abdominal Radical Hysterectomy and Cervical Cancer – Amy’s Story

Hi, I am 43 and live in South Wales, I have 2 children 16 and 22, a hubby and my 2 dogs 🙂 My story started late in November 2012, when I decided to make an appointment at our local surgery to have my Mirena Coil changed, as I was there and my smear was due within the nest few months, decided to get it done at the same time (hating the speculum only doing it once seemed like a good idea). This is where my head spinning journey started.

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Cervical Cancer during pregnancy – Suzanne’s Hysterectomy Story

I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer when I was pregnant – and almost died before I got a chance to hold my newborn baby girl. The nightmare began when doctors discovered a tumour the size of a tennis ball blocking little Aaron’s arrival. They immediately delivered Aaron by C-Sect – but I haemorraged. My bed sheets were soaked in blood and doctors couldn’t get the bleeding to stop. As my life slipped away, docs warned my partner, to expect the worst as he stood helpless with our baby in his arms.

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