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Emergency hysterectomy after having a baby – Tasha’s Story

I was twenty four years old when I went into labor with my first child. My water broke as soon as I woke up that morning, but after that labor was slow. After nearly 23 hours my doctor decided we should do a Cesarean, because the baby was stuck and wasn’t descending through my pelvis the way she should. I was so exhausted that I agreed right away and they whisked me off to the operating room. Everything seemed to go fine, and after a few days in the hospital we were sent home.

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Hysterectomy After Childbirth – Laura’s Story

My name is Laura Boot-Handford and I recently turned 30. I grew up in the beautiful town Lewes, East Sussex. I met my Husband there whilst at college. We both went to University in Leicester and settled in Northampton nearby once we had finished. We bought our first house and two cats. We got married and soon thought about starting a family of our own.

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Shell Shocked After Hysterectomy – Kerry’s Story

I was admitted to hospital to be induced with my second baby thinking that I’d be discharged again about 6 hours after the birth, how wrong was I. After giving birth to my little girl naturally the midwife went to sew up where they’d had to cut me and noticed I was bleeding quite heavily. The next thing I knew the room was full of people and I was being rushed to surgery.

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Cervical Cancer during pregnancy – Suzanne’s Hysterectomy Story

I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer when I was pregnant – and almost died before I got a chance to hold my newborn baby girl. The nightmare began when doctors discovered a tumour the size of a tennis ball blocking little Aaron’s arrival. They immediately delivered Aaron by C-Sect – but I haemorraged. My bed sheets were soaked in blood and doctors couldn’t get the bleeding to stop. As my life slipped away, docs warned my partner, to expect the worst as he stood helpless with our baby in his arms.

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