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Hysterectomy is dead!

Of course this is an overstatement, but even though an exaggeration, it makes a firm point. I have been a gynaecologist for over 30 years and in that time-span, the practice of gynaecology has been transformed. It is now a great rarity to need to remove a uterus other than for malignant disease, severe endometriosis, prolapse, or enormous size. There are simply less risky, less painful ways of dealing with period problems and pelvic pain.

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Laparoscopic Hysterectomy Surgery – Shelly’s Story

Thirteen years ago (when I was 39) I was diagnosed with having a 11 cm in diameter fibroid. I did not have any of the symptoms the rest of you have written about. All of the gynaecologists I saw at the time found it remarkable that I was not having any symptoms at the time, but still said it would be advisable to have removed, but at the time my life was quite busy and I felt I could not afford to take the time off to recover from a major surgery.

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Facing the fear and doing it anyway – Jane’s Subtotal Hysterectomy Story

Hello everyone! I’m Jane and I had a subtotal hysterectomy 12 days ago now, on 18th December 2013. I kept my ovaries. I’m 45 years old and had had fibroid issues for six years. These started off as just being irregular periods but in the last 2 years had escalated to a combination of hormone imbalance and fibroids leaving me feeling out of sorts more often than I was feeling normal, long stretches of being savagely pre-menstrual and never knowing when my (heavy and leak / flooding-laden) period was going to arrive or how long it would last.

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