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Hysterectomy and cancer – Judith’s story

My story starts in the middle of 2010 when I started having increased frequency in my periods and by November 2010 they had become unbearable with flooding, which was getting to the point of interrupting with my home and work life. My colleagues at work kept losing me and I had to carry a change of clothes with me wherever I went. At this point I went to the GP and asked for a gynaecologist referral, which thankfully because of having a good Dr she agreed to refer me.

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Hysterectomy to diagnose endometrial cancer – Cynthia’s Story

I am 50 and had an endometrial ablation 4 years ago for very heavy periods. The specialist removed some uterine polyps at the same time but left a fibroid. The polyps were benign. The ablation stopped all bleeding with my periods so I only knew I was menopausal when I started getting hot flushes 18 months ago and had my hormone levels tested. I started on HRT about 4 months after that (combined estrogen and progesterone).

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