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Hormonal Medications Used to Treat Endometriosis

Endometriosis is a female reproductive disease characterised by chronic pelvic pain, whether during menstrual cycles or sexual activities, as well as by irregular internal bleeding and infertility. Luckily, there are many ways to detect and treat it. More recently, however, interest in hormonal medications for endometriosis is rising. If you’re also one of those looking to treat the disorder through hormone-centred drugs, then below is a list of them for your convenience.

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A long time coming – Anne’s story

I got married aged 22 and, like many couples, we hoped to start a family when we were settled. So after a few years on the pill we decided to try for a baby. After a couple of years I went to my GP because there was no hint of a pregnancy. Then followed several years of visits to the gynae clinic in my local hospital, undergoing tests and infertility treatment, including surgery to unblock my Fallopian tubes and to remove ovarian cysts.

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Endometriosis and the risk of coronary heart disease

Endometriosis is a gynaecological disease that affects many women. It is a painful disorder in which the endometrium, a tissue that usually lines the inside of the uterus, grows outside the uterus. This not only causes severe pelvic pain during periods but may also cause fertility problems and many women complain of an increase in pain over the years as well.

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Endometriosis and adhesions – Louise’s story and fund raising request

On the 23rd June I will be raising money for the Hysterectomy Association by taking part in the open water swimming event, the Great East Swim, at Alton Water in Sussex. If you would like to sponsor me please visit my just giving site; and remember, every £1 really does makes such a difference.

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Freedom at last – Lisa’s story

I was 12 when the pains first started. Excruciating pains such that I would count the hours between pain killers and hide at the back of the class trying not to cry. I watched my mother go through the same thing so I figured it was normal. Periods were to be feared each and every month. They were never on time, never when I expected them and always left me tired. But I carried on.

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It’s your body, it’s your choice – Louise’s story

I woke up the day after my work Christmas party with, not the raging hangover some of my colleagues might have, but dreadful pains across my lower half, the small of my back and down my left leg. My period was due, and being 48, I thought this could be the peri-menopause too! Joys of being a woman! But I really didn’t give it an awful lot of thought.

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My debilitating endometriosis symptoms – Kate’s story

Hi, I’m Kate, 39, married with no children. I had always suffered from heavy and painful periods but this had mostly been managed by taking the combined pill. My periods remained heavy and I suffered from some flooding but this was manageable with planning! Approximately 7 years ago my periods became worse and I started to experience more symptoms such as regular and frequent abdominal pain, random bleeding, bloating, very painful intercourse and things just didn’t feel right. Anyway I went to the Dr’s who straight away suggested that it sounded like I had endometriosis and referred me to a consultant. After initial investigations such as scans, I was booked in for a laparoscopy. The results of which were that I did indeed have endometriosis and a number of adhesion’s were removed. I was signed off from work for 2 weeks and got back to life, back on the combined pill adhesion’s and things seemed to be resolved.

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What a pain! – Lisa’s story

I knew I had endometriosis as it had a laparoscopy that identified this in my mid thirties as part of infertility investigations. I tried ICSI once after that and paid privately but we were unsuccessful in having a baby. We carried on ‘leaving it up to nature’ for many years after that but nothing happened.

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