Preparing for hysterectomy with strength training

strength training

Strength training before surgery isn’t a new concept, most surgeons for hip or knee replacements will advise a 6 week plan before surgery to help with the recovery. So why should we ignore this advice for a hysterectomy? A hysterectomy can…

How to build up your fitness after hysterectomy – Karen’s story

Before my operation, apart from having some large fibroids and anemia, I was pretty fit and had good core stability. I believe that having good core stability is the key to success as you can work all the other parts…

Deep abdominal exercises to help recover after hysterectomy

There is a lot of confusion about how you can best recover after a hysterectomy. Sometimes it’s easier to be shown what you can do rather than have a written list. The following video from Michelle Kenway demonstrates how to … finish reading Deep abdominal exercises to help recover after hysterectomy