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Facebook for Entrepreneurs – Five Top Tips

It would be difficult to imagine anyone who hasn’t heard of Facebook these days. It is one of the worlds top social networking sites, regularly trouncing even the mighty Google in the rankings. And yet, most people still think of it as something for the younger generation, where they talk about their latest adventures and mis-adventures with their friends. It is true that the vast majority of people use it purely to keep in contact with the people that they know, and yet, there is an vast untapped reserve of opportunity awaiting those who decide to take it one step further.

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Facebook Marketing

I’m slowly bringing order to this blog and below you’ll find a set of links to all the articles I have written over the years about Facebook, the things I use it for and suggestions about how you could use it for marketing your book or other products and services. I’ll add to this particular page whenever I write something new – ensuring that all the links to Facebook are kept together.

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How to Schedule Status Updates on Facebook

I’ve been asked to provide more information about how to use Facebook as an Author, and I will be writing posts about the actions you can take to make your profile more effective; however when I spotted this video on YouTube I thought that it was worth sharing, because it answers a question that many people have, which is how can I make the best use of my time online.

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Creating a Social Media Schedule

By the time this post goes live I’ll be part way through the presentation that inspired it. I promised several weeks ago that I’d share with you the very simple scheduling tools I use to try to make my life easier and here they are. You can view the presentation I’m giving at the BusinessXchange Creative Cooperation event in Dorset today below and I’ll try to distill the main points within the post. If you’d like to download my example sheets then you can find links to them at the end of the post.

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Hosting a Facebook Q&A Discussion – Will it or won’t it work?

question imageThis is a very quick post today as I’m off to host a Facebook Q&A Discussion on the HysterectomyUK page any moment now and I thought I might invite you along if you think you might be interested. It’s going to be on the subject of Hormone Replacement Therapy and will be here from about 10.ooish this morning:

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Marketing for Authors & Writers: Social Networking Can Work for Me? Yes it can work for YOU!

I’m in the middle of a series of weekly (?) posts about how Authors and Writers could use LinkedIn more effectively if they wanted to and tomorrow I’ll be putting up a post about the Top Ten Groups for Writers and Authors.You can read the earlier posts on the Marketing for Authors and Writers page.

I’ve noticed two things from the posts I’ve already written; first very few people have commented on the posts and secondly those that have, have been less than enthusiastic. This makes me think that perhaps most writers and authors feel that LinkedIn is not their network of choice because they want to spend as much time as possible building that elusive Author Platform where they can connect with their fans quickly and easily. I would surmise that most seem to feel happier on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Shelfari or their Blog. It seems that LinkedIn may be dismissed because it’s for business and professionals and it’s not a fun, happy ‘share my cute photo of a cat’ sort of place.

I’m here to burst that bubble and I’m hoping that today’s post may just begin a process of swinging your opinion around just a little in time for tomorrow’s clincher.

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The Top 10 Facebook Pages that Authors and Writers Should Be Following

Whilst I have mixed feelings about Facebook, especially in light of the way they are now requiring Page’s to pay to promote their updates to all their ‘Fans’ (see this article for more info if you’re interested: posts-on-facebook-pages-not-showing-to-everyone-that-likes-you) it is still a force to be reckoned with and provides some great benefits to people who become active on it to support their business.

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Please help me to help you get your message and writing to a wider audience

I’m going to make a huge assumption here and that is that you are hoping that your writing will eventually pay off in some way and that you aren’t doing this just for the love of writing. I could be wrong but writing for the sake of writing, without any sort of recognition of ‘success’ (whatever that may mean to you) will eventually pale alongside the need to do other things that are considered more important.

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