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Practical preparation for your hysterectomy – Irmagean’s story

Irmagean shares some practical preparation and knowledge of her hysterectomy earlier this year. In 2011 I was referred to an OB to discuss my heavy periods as a result of fibroids, at that time she suggested an IUD. While it was good having no periods with the IUD, I was having a period every day with light bleeding which required a light panty liner. I removed the IUD after a few months.

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Rather sizeable fibroid and my recovery – Anne-Marie’s story

I underwent an abdominal hysterectomy on 14th June this year having had problems for the last two years due to a rather sizeable fibroid – everything was taken out with the exception of my ovaries. There seems to be very little information available generally with the exception of what is provided through the Hysterectomy Association and the forums and information they provide which have proven invaluable and very reassuring.

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Freedom at last – Lisa’s story

I was 12 when the pains first started. Excruciating pains such that I would count the hours between pain killers and hide at the back of the class trying not to cry. I watched my mother go through the same thing so I figured it was normal. Periods were to be feared each and every month. They were never on time, never when I expected them and always left me tired. But I carried on.

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TAH hysterctomy, large fibroid – Lisa’s story

My Story – Hi I am 46 and was diagnosed with 2 small fibroids six years ago. I was told to go away and was not monitored. At that time there was very little information about fibroids. Last year on holiday I noticed a large mass in my abdomen which turned out to be a now very large fibroid (size of a 24 week pregnancy). I was very lucky that the only symptoms I suffered from were heavier periods and the feeling of a full bladder during the day and the night. I was advised by my consultant that as my childbearing days were over that a hysterectomy was a good option. There is a lot of information now about fibroids and I wish when I was diagnosed six years ago that I had insisted on being regularly monitored and insisted on a less invasive form of treatment.

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Total abdominal hysterectomy – Amanda’s story

Hello, at the age of 42 I had a TAH (keeping my ovaries) in December 2015. My problems started a year before that when I came off the mini pill in December 2014 because I was starting to bleed a little while taking it. By February 2016, I was bleeding so heavily and randomly that I became anaemic and was booked in for a scan.

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Hysterectomy – Its been hard to recover – Suzanne’s story

I was diagnosed with a large fibroid which was described as Galia melon sized in December 2015. I had been having problems with excessive bleeding and incontinence and was experiencing pain during intercourse. Several months and several appointments, blood tests, scans etc. later I was advised to have a full hysterectomy. My consultant explained that one ovary would be left to prevent early onset of menopause and I was offered a surgery date for the 11 August 2016.

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My journey to full recovery – Adriane’s story

I am 48 years old and in January 2016 I had a total abdominal hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy for multiple large fibroids. I have suffered for years with very heavy and painful periods, which became steadily worst over time. I tried hormonal management together with pain medication and whilst it did help a bit, the problem was still there.

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My hysterectomy journey – Marianne’s story

My hysterectomy journey has not been straight forward. I’d been experiencing serious problems with flooding with urine when I had a cold since my son was born 12 yrs ago. When I sought help yrs later, it was put down to pelvic floor problems. Because I couldn’t cope with the intensity of physio requirements, with no scans I was declined surgery.

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