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My abdominal hysterectomy nightmare – Fiona’s story

I am 48 years old with 4 children. I have always been fortunate to have nice normal periods but this changed around 3 years ago when they became heavy with clotting and dragging pain. I didn’t take too much notice and it wasn’t as debilitating as some other women’s stories that I have read. Around the same time, sexual intercourse became uncomfortable moving towards painful and then extremely painful. I also had stress incontinence so avoided my previously active aerobic lifestyle as I had some embarrassments but couldn’t avoid laughing or coughing of course.

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Only 14 days since TAH – Anne Marie’s story

After years of heavy periods and then the diagnosis of a fibroid (size of cricket ball) my GP referred me to see gynaecologist at my local hospital. My husband and I went along to the consultation and she really did listen to me. I explained how the symptoms were affecting my life, marriage, etc and she offered me either ablation for the 2nd time or TAH. Without hesitation I chose TAH.

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Not as bad as you might think – Ali’s story

So, I am four weeks and four days post hysterectomy. I asked them to leave my ovaries as at 49 I didn’t want to go into the menopause any earlier than necessary . I also asked them to leave my cervix on the basis that ,to my mind ,the only reason to remove it was to prevent future cervical cancer. But on that basis I should also have my breasts removed to prevent breast cancer …so no ,I kept my cervix.

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Doing great! 4 months post TAH – Nadine’s story

After three years of rapid fibroid growth, my Doctor finally decided it was time for me to have a TAH. It wasn’t that I was in unbearable pain as a number of women experience or that my periods were long and drawn out that led me to decide that this was the correct path even though I am only 37 years old. Instead, it was the large number of fibroids that caused me to appear four months pregnant even though the Doctor said it was most likely I would never be able to become so, and certainly not safely because there was already extremely limited room for my internal organs. My OBGYN said, “eventually your lungs will be so crowded you won’t be able to breathe.”

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I felt the youngest on the ward! – Katie’s story

I guess I’ve always had problems with my periods right from the start. Even having my children was eventful, I’m so lucky I had them in my twenties. By the time I approached my thirties my periods were horrendously heavy. Eventually I saw the doctor and had a coil fitted. Well what can I say my period did go a bit lighter…. I ended up having periods for almost a month I was lucky to have 3/7 days free of bleeding.

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My total hysterectomy for fibroids – Maxine’s Story

Although I am 54 I had exactly the same. I am 9 weeks post op & don’t feel any different a person for having all my bits removed! I am rid of pain & bleeding which is wonderful & so nice to walk through the women’s needs aisle in the shops as I have no need for any of it anymore. I feel liberated.

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My subtotal hysterectomy – Faye’s story

I had fibroids diagnosed back in 2008. I was having episodes of flooding at various stages of my cycle it was awful. Had the fibroids removed in 2011 but they virtually grew straight back. I could feel them and felt lots of pressure.

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Frieda the fibroid, and TAH with ovaries removed experience – Donna’s story

I knew I had a fibroid along with a phobia surrounding doctors, needles, hospitals etc. At around 41 I started experiencing pressure in the abdomen and a need to urinate more frequently, I ignored it. A routine medical picked up blood in my urine which culminated in an ultrasound and a cystoscopy which resulted in Frieda the fibroid being found. The medical team said it could be that I would make it to menopause and Frieda would begin to shrink, at this stage she was around 5cm.

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