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The Weekly Word is ABERRATION: Alternative meanings anyone?

I have decided to be a bit more prepared when it comes to the weekly word and have now decided what words I’ll be using up until the end of the year. If you have a favourite word that you would like me to feature then why not ping me a message and I’ll add it into my schedule.

This weeks word is ABERRATION and my alternative meaning is a ‘surgical slip in the lower abdominal region of the male body‘. What’s your alternative meaning?

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Syntax is my Weekly Word: Can you guess my alternative meaning?



This weeks word comes courtesy of the lovely Stevie who was listening to me going through the dictionary to find something suitable; ‘it’s all just syntax really isn’t it‘ he quipped, and that was me hooked right in.

My alternative meaning for the word Syntax is probably quite obvious and that is ‘sex tax‘; and now, what would yours be?

Now, let’s get down to the serious business of finding out what the word really means.

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Judicious is the Weekly Word: What’s your alternative meaning?

The word I’ve chosen this week is Judicious, I came across in a leaflet I was reading whilst waiting at the dentist and it stuck in my mind, rather like the dentists tools sticking in my teeth. It is also a word I like to think suits me, although in fairness I think I’m probably less judicious than I could be in most matters that are practical.

Anyway, my alternative meaning for the word Judicious is ‘an informant to those in authority‘ (can you guess why I made this my alternative meaning?) and now, what would yours be?

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Phlegmatic is the Weekly Word: What’s your alternative meaning?

This week’s word is Phlegmatic, it is one of the four temperaments first used by Hippocrates in Greco-Roman Medicine; the others were sanguine, choleric and melancholic. I have no idea why this word popped out at me but perhaps it describes how I’m feeling at the moment, a bit calm and quiet and pleased to be taking a break for a few days.

My alternative meaning for the word is ‘loud hacking cough‘ – what would your’s be?

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This Weeks Word is ‘Doughty’ What’s your alternative meaning?

I chose the word Doughty for this weeks word, it’s on that pops up every now and again in the older novel, particularly the classics and isn’t a word that is in common use any longer. I think we should bring it back though as it has a  beautiful lyrical feel to it and is so useful.

Anyway, my alternative meaning for the word Doughty is ‘a tea flavoured dough used in baking‘, what would yours be?

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Contrary is the Weekly Word: What’s your alternative meaning?



My word this week is Contrary, it was a word often used by my ex-husband to describe me because I always disagreed with him! Apparently I wasn’t supposed to have an opinion. As a result, it’s not a word I particularly like, but it sounds wonderful

Anyway, my alternative meaning for the word Contrary is ‘a criminal specialising in more obscure crimes’ (can you guess why I made this my alternative meaning?) and now, what would yours be?

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Lackadaisical is the Weekly Word, what’s your alternative meaning?

Yesterday I was sitting with the lovely Steve and our neighbour drinking tea and eating chocolate covered cake bites (delicious but very bad for the waistline) and the conversation turned, as it often does to words and what they mean. I explained to both that this week I was planning to use the word Lackadaisical as my weekly word but was struggling to come up with a suitable alternative meaning. By the time that tea was finished and the cakes eaten we had come up with ‘A Daisy Based Laxative’ – what do you think?

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Hysteria is the Weekly Word: Hysterical or His Tears in Ria?

I was chatting with the lovely Stevie yesterday about the word Hysteria. Now I know it’s also the title of the Short Story and Poetry Competition for the Hysterectomy Association, but it turns out that it also happens to have a particularly interesting background to it. My alternative take on its meaning based on the syllables alone is His Tears in Ria, not very inventive I grant you but hey, that’s what happens sometimes. Let’s see what it really means.

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Hammam is the Weekly Word: Mammy’s Ham or Turkish Bath?

SMOKED HAM ON CRACKER © Valentina Frate | & RIPPLED POOL TILES © Paulbrian |

The word this week is Hammam, I chose it because it popped into my head on Saturday morning for some reason and I immediately had an image of my Irish grandmother slicing ham in her kitchen in Belfast. This is just a game I play with myself to come up with alternative meanings for words based on a meaning or interpretation of the syllables that make them up. The alternative meaning can be in any form or order and I’d love to know your alternative take on Hammam too.

Before we carry on though let’s have a look at what the word Hammam really means and where it comes from.

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