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Feeling like a women’s health circus act – Elley’s story

For all my menstruating years I have had problems. In my teens I just put it down to hormones and hoped it would settle. In my twenties I tried the pill, it controlled the bleeding cycle but did not control the moods and the flow. In my thirties was when I decided I had had enough and wanted some specialist support.

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A positive fibroids story – Beverley’s story

I have to say it is the best thing I have had done.  I was becoming irregular and my GP said it was my age at 47 and to be expected.  However I never had a period for 4 months leading up to my wedding and for a month after, he said this was stress (even though I did not feel stressed at all).

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This is how it began – Dawn’s Story

It stated back in 2006. I had sterilisation reversal, I got pregnant but then miscarried after 6 weeks. My whole life collapsed, I felt a failure, felt what had I done wrong to deserve this, but then had to think mother nature had blessed me with 5 healthy children, but unfortunately wasn’t to the man of my dreams. I then carried on bleeding and in pain, had a few ops in the year, but then had to opt for full abdo hysterectomy. My whole life collapsed. I felt I was a failure, because I couldn’t give the man of my dreams the baby I’d longed for. It hurt so much.

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Hurry up January 21st 2015 – Vorrie’s Story

I got my period at age 14, my mother never told me what to expect and since I started on a plane from UK to US, I was convinced the cabin pressure had ruptured something inside me and I was going to bleed out. I was reassured that was not the case. My teenage years were miserable, never had a period less than 10 days with heavy bleeding and huge (I am talking clots that would each fill a bowl).

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Committed to finding ME again – Rebecca’s Story

I’ve been relatively passive on here over the last few months, but feel that the time has now come to share how things are and have been for me seven months (to the day) since my vaginal hysterectomy. Firstly, I should say that the site and the support and advice offered to and by the women on here is invaluable, and I haven’t interacted as much as I could have done.

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Hopeless – Amanda’s Story

Hi I was just wanting to share my story. I am 32 years old and have suffered with heavy periods since I was 16. At the time everyone dismissed this and I was told it was normal but after I had my two children the pain and bleeding worsened.

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My total laparascopic hysterectomy :) – Lucy’s Story

I had a TLH (total laparascopic hysterectomy) this week, finally after having 2 previous cancellations, all went went, took everything apart from ovaries. They found a 12cm fibroid (goodness only knows where that was hiding) bought it out PV (per vaginam – through the vagina) – she said it was like a baby’s head!

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