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Two weeks after… Trish’s Story

Hi I’m Tricia – mine’s a flavoured earl grey or vodka /lemonade depending on the time of day! 4 years ago aged 57 I had surgery for breast cancer. Up until the surgery I was having regular monthly periods then BAM! straight into menopause and I wondered what had hit me.

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Hysterectomy Recovery is Personal – Stephanie’s Story

Just thought I would add my story to this long list of very helpful encouraging information. I had been suffering with heavy bleeding and anaemia for about 2 years. In January this year my husband noticed a lump above my pubic bone. I delayed going to the doctors because we were expecting 3 grandchildren to be born anytime. My sons twin girls were born on 16th January at 4.15pm, then my daughters 2nd son was born at 4.15am on 17th January.

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