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Minimally invasive uterine and fibroid morcellation warnings

In recent months there have been a number of warnings issued about uterine polyp and fibroid morcellation during laparascopic hysterectomy or myomectomy, most notably by the FDA in the United States. It’s come about because in a small number of cases the fibroids being removed were shown to be malignant after the surgery, something that was not known prior to the operation. In a few of these cases women went on to develop leiomyosarcoma (cancer of the uterine wall).

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The Forty Year Wait – Andi’s Story

Every since I was 11 years old I had terrible periods. My mother used to sit me on the lawn with a towel and told me only to come inside when the towel needed changing. When I talk about a towel I mean a bath towel – not a sanitary napkin!!

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My 18 Day Bleeding Nightmare – Raylene’s Story

I am 41 years of age and and two years ago I was diagnosed with endometriosis after having tubal litigation on the 1st July 2011. I suffered with severe lower back, leg and abdominal pain and heavy periods for three years. I tried treatments of Provera tablets and the Mirena coil to see if the symptoms would disappear. After enduring severe pain for years and see my gyno we decided that a total hysterectomy would be my final option.

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My Total Vaginal Hysterectomy – Sangita’s Story

I was going through the menopause for the last 2 years with no real problems and am 50 years old. Then in February I went to the Dr’s because my stomach started to feel huge and was sent for scan. My scan revealed the lining of the womb was usually thick for someone who was menopausal and was told I had a fibriod and had to see a gnecologist. Just before my appointment I had a really heavy bleed completely out if the blue.

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My total laparascopic hysterectomy :) – Lucy’s Story

I had a TLH (total laparascopic hysterectomy) this week, finally after having 2 previous cancellations, all went went, took everything apart from ovaries. They found a 12cm fibroid (goodness only knows where that was hiding) bought it out PV (per vaginam – through the vagina) – she said it was like a baby’s head!

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Day 3 After Hysterectomy – Natalie’s Story

I am now day three after my hysterectomy and wanted to share my story. I have suffered with heavy, painful periods due to endometriosis since I was in my late teens. That coupled with 6 ovarian cysts over the years meant many laparoscopic procedures in a bid to remedy both the cyst and endometriosis symptoms. In December 2009 aged just 29 I had microwave ablation treatment and sterilisation with the hope of finally reducing my pain and heavy bleeding which was making normal life difficult.

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New lease of life after awful bleeding – Angela’s Story

I have had a year if awful bleeding, clots the size of my hand etc. in May last year I had a scan which showed I had quite large fibroids and an enlarged womb the decision was made to have a hysterectomy after I had 3 months on the injection to put me in temporary menopause to try to reduce fibroids to make surgery easier (which didn’t work they didn’t shrink and I even had a couple more little one appear!).

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